Camp Crestview 2020 - August 3-7

For children who have completed Kindergarten-6th grades


Join us for Camp Crestview

This is a fun filled week of experiencing God full blast. Snacks, lunches and camp t-shirt included in fee. Plan to register early as camps tend to fill VERY QUICKLY!

Within each of the one-week camps, we offer three distinct camps designed for specific age groups: completed Kindergarten; completed 1st -4th grades; and completed 5th-6th grades.

Kindergarten Camp - $30 - For children who have completed kindergarten as of the camp date. They stay onsite all week and enjoy bounce houses, awesome crafts, Bible study, Water Day, games and music. Their week will end on an exciting note as they perform their camp songs at 8:30 a.m. on Friday.
Children's Camp - $30 - For children who have completed 1st- 4th grades as of the camp date. They stay onsite each day of the week except Thursday, when they will spend the day having a blast at Reunion Ranch. Other activities will include: bounce houses, awesome crafts, Bible study, games, and music. Their week will end with an outstanding performance of their camp musical on Friday.
Middle School Camp - $45 - For children who have completed 5th and 6th grades as of the camp date. They go, go, and go all week long! The children begin and end their day onsite, where they will enjoy large group worship and small group Bible study, and will venture off to various area fun spots most days of the week.


Can I register my child for both weeks?
No. You may only register your child for one of the two weeks offered. The camp is exactly the same for each week and is not designed for a child to attend both weeks.

Can I register my child online?
No. Unfortunately, our camps fill so quickly that online registration isn’t feasible. Registration is first come, first served

How long is the registration process?
We understand that your time is precious and we strive to make the process as quick as possible. In most cases, once we begin registration at 8:30 a.m., you will be done within 30 minutes to an hour.
Can I request that a friend be in the same group as my child?
Yes. There is a spot on the registration form for you to put the name of your child’s friend (one name only). If you are not sure if your child’s friend will be attending camp, then you can call us later with the friend’s name. Friend requests must be made before May 1st.

Is a parent/guardian signature required for registration?
Yes. Registration requires an emergency/transportation liability release to be signed by the parent or guardian. The Middle School Camp may require additional parent/guardian signatures depending on the field trips scheduled.

Can children in different grades be in the same camp group?
Yes and no. The curriculum used is specific by grade so we try to keep the groups grade-pure but do have some groups with two grades, i.e. first and second graders, second and third graders, third and fourth graders, fifth and sixth graders. Campers that are in grades that are in separate Camps or are more than one grade apart cannot be combined, i.e. kindergarten with any other grade; first and third graders; second and fourth graders; fourth with fifth or six graders.