Day 10 Mission Team Update

Summer 2018 Mission Trip to Myanmar Thursday, July 12 – Saturday, July 28.

The team is now back in Yangon again after a long ministry from Mawlamyine and Hpa an.   Today we again divided into two groups, one going to the evangelism training and the other taking the day off for some badly needed rest to visit a couple of places of interest.

The evangelism training took place in one of the meeting rooms in the Judson Hall complex, part of Yangon University which  is one of a very few Christian universities in the country.  Not including 5 of our team members and 2 interpreters, there were 26 training participants.  These 26 came from our 6 orphanages, neighborhood school, and a few local pastors and close friends.    The training conducted was step one of seven training steps.  It was developed to be interactive and repetitive and all participants were genuinely interested in the entire program.  The objective of the training is to provide simple, proven tools to evangelize throughout the county.  When you get a group of this size together it is sometimes hard to keep everyone attentive and focused.  With this group it was not a problem, everyone too notes and actively participated in discussions.  It was a very worthwhile training session that should provide great long-term results.

The other 7 team members visited a relatively new attraction featuring 8 distinct ethnic groups from Myanmar.  Each group displayed and talked about their specific ethnic group, i.e. clothing, dialect, food, etc.  The team thoroughly enjoyed this attraction since many of the ministries were targeted to and working with the various ethnic groups in the country.

From there the team had lunch and then went to prayer walk the Swedagon Pagoda.  The Swedagon Pagoda is one of the 7 wonders of the new world.  When Adonarim Judson, the first American missionary sailed into the harbor of Myanmar in the early 1800’s, the first thing he saw was the gleaming tower of the Swedagon Pagoda.  It began to rain rather hard so the team decided to leave early and head to the restaurant to meet the other team for dinner.

We had one team member that stayed behind at the hotel to get more rest.  While both teams were gone he taught the hotel staff a song, I’m So Glad Jesus Loves Me, which they sang to the team when they got back to the hotel.  Keep in mind that the hotel staff are all Buddhists.  What a pleasant surprise!

Please pray:

  • That the group our evangelism team trained today will continue their training so they can effectively spread His word throughout the land of Myanmar.
  • For continued good health, wisdom, and strength of our team for our final week of ministry.
  • For protection and good health for all of our families and friends we left behind in the U.S.

Attached you will find 3 photos.  The first is the Burmese 7 steps to evangelism training that is hung for each training session, the second is the evangelism training participants, and the third is some evangelism participants singing.