Day 10 – Mission Team Update

Today was Evangelism Training day for our house church leaders, and fellowship coordinators which numbered 27. There were in attendance another 65 people from churches around the area including a few pastors. It was a full day’s program.

The day started at 8:30 am with a praise and worship time. As I mentioned in one of my previous updates, the passion for worship is genuine and amazing.

After praise and worship, Sherwood conducted a training program on how to evangelize using a few simple techniques. The group was divided into four rotating groups, each discussing a specific evangelism topic. This lasted from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.

Following Sherwood, Dan using the Train & Multiply booklets continued on how to evangelize. These booklets will be used by our house church leaders in their respective villages. We broke for lunch then continued on with the Train & Multiple training until 3:00 pm.

I was concerned since the program was rather long, the attendees would be bored or distracted, and would want to leave early. I was wrong. Everyone was attentive, and thoroughly engaged throughout the program.

Following the training program we prayed over one of our fellowship coordinators. After one of our house church visits a few days ago, he was called into police headquarters, interrogated, and forced to sign an agreement that he would not bring to this particular house church foreign visitors again. He could however still conduct worship services in this house.

We then went outside to the baptismal tank where two young ladies were baptized.

The team is in good spirits, healthy, and looking forward to the last week of our ministry.

Please pray:

  • That all our house churches are protected from persecution from the police, village authorities, and neighbors in their area.
  • That the evangelism training program today will be effective in planting seeds in unbelievers.
  • For safety and good health for our team members.

Attached you will find five photos. The first is from our praise and worship service; the second is during our evangelism fellowship; next is one of our evangelism breakout groups; and the last is saying goodbye to our friends from the evangelism program.