Day 12 – Mission Team Update

We divided our team into two groups, one going to Victoria’s orphanage, the other going to the neighborhood school. Since the orphanage is so small with 12 children, located in an upstairs apartment, we only took 5 team members and a translator. The remaining 17 team members went to the neighborhood school.

Victoria’s orphanage is our newest of the five we sponsor. We started sponsoring them about 8 years ago. The director, Soe Waing Naing was one of our translators in the Mon and Karen States this year. He is also going to seminary in South Korea and is home for a month before he has to go back. He has one more year in seminary before he gets his degree. During his seminary study his wife is handling the orphanage. Victoria is named after their daughter. After the orphanage visit they visited Soe’s church he is planning on starting when he gets his degree.

We have been sponsoring the neighborhood school for about 12 years. Education in Myanmar is not free even though the government says it is. The school children have to purchase their uniforms, buy their school supplies and pay a small yearly tuition. Since the average per capita income is less than $2/day, most cannot afford to send their children to school. Because of this, we sent seminary students into a very poor neighborhood in Yangon telling Buddhists parents we would give their children a free education and lunch with the understanding that we will also teach them Christian values and beliefs. We currently have approximately 50 students in a morning and afternoon session ranging in ages 8 to 13. The children are doing well and most know the bible better than our Christian orphanage students. They were attentive and participated in all agenda items enthusiastically. The team was saddened by their stories, but thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

A few team members had upset stomachs today. One team member was bitten by a spider yesterday which got infected. The doctor had to lance the bite, provided some antibiotics and said everything would be fine.

Please pray:

  • For the health and safety of each team member.
  • That the orphanage and school we visited will continue to provide excellent care, and love to their children.
  • That the seeds we have planted from day 1 germinates and grow.

Attached you will find five photos. The first photo is the school performing for the team. The second photo is the team performing for the school. The third and fourth photos are team members face painting and nail painting during a break. The last photo is a chalk board painting story to the children.