Day 13 – Mission Trip Update

Today the team went to Isaac’s seminary. Rosy who is responsible for working with our five Christian orphanages is Isaac’s sister. His story and his Christian life struggles are captured in a book written by a seminary classmate of Isaac. The book, “My Soul Waits: The Life of Nun Hmung “ by David Elston is must read by for anyone interested in learning more about Christian faith in Myanmar. It is a very short, easy to read book which can be purchased through Amazon for $12.

We spent the morning with Isaac and his seminary students which number 25. We sang some songs, listened to their stories, and provided some words of encouragements. Many students when they graduate from seminary want to be missionaries to other parts of Myanmar. This may provide us fellowship coordinators for our evangelism program in the Mon and Karen States and beyond. We then shared lunch with them before breaking into two groups, one going to Isaac’s orphanage, the other to one of his house churches.

The house church is quite a distance from the seminary and is close to our neighborhood school. It is in a very poor village where most people don’t have jobs. We had to walk to the house church since the van we rode in couldn’t get in because of the very narrow dirt road. The church is a small 12 ft. x 30 ft. building made with sheet metal sidings and roof. We expected 45, but there were approximately 120 waiting for us. Out of the 120 people, only 7 were members of the church, the rest were Buddhists. There were so many people we ran out of supplies and could not move around due to the very crowded conditions. The building during the course of our ministry became uncomfortably hot because of the metal sidings and no air circulation. Even under this condition the audience was attentive and interested in what we were telling them. As we heard more about their village and their circumstances, we feel there is a real opportunity to witness to them in the future.

The orphanage is nearby the seminary and is run by Isaac’s cousin. It was started about 8 years ago. They have 17 children mostly above the age of 10. This is an orphanage that we will probably help support bringing our Christian orphanages to 6. This home brings in children from war torn areas of the country. Consequently, most are unsecure and frightened, so the director let’s them all sleep together as a family on floor mats. This shows the concern of the home director and her husband. The team thoroughly enjoyed ministering to them.

A few members of our team still have some stomach ailments, otherwise everyone is doing well.

Please pray:

  • For the house church we visited today and the surrounding village.
  • For the orphanage children we ministered to today.
  • For continued safety and health of our team.
  • That the last few days of our ministry are fruitful.

Attached you will find five photos. The first is a group photo of the seminary students with our team. The next two photos are from the house church visit, and the last two photos from the orphanage.