Day 14 – Mission Trip Update

Today was our last day of ministry.  Team 1 went to Vivian’s Orphanage, Team 2 went to Kid’s Life Orphanage and the HIV Orphanage.  First, we all went to a very close Burmese friend’s house to have coffee and snacks before leaving for our respective destinations.

Vivian’s orphanage has approximately 23 children.  The orphanage is named after the person that took us to this home for support.  There is one special little boy in this home named Samuel that has fallen in love with our team leader Gary.  As a result, if we have to break into two groups, Gary is the one that takes the team into this orphanage.  This little boy named Samuel  was approximately 1 ½ years old when he was left on the railroad tracks to die since his parents couldn’t afford to feed him.  Luckily someone found him and took him to Vivian’s Orphanage.  We have watched him over the years grow into a fine young man.  The team thoroughly enjoyed engaging with each child and ministering to them.

Kid’s Life Orphanage is one we have been sponsoring from the beginning.  They have 37 children ranging in age 6 to 17.  We have watched a number of children grow up over the years.  This home has a large amount of land where they grow vegetables & fruits, and raise pigs & goats not only for their consumption, but to make some additional income.  This home more that the others we have are further along in generating income to supplement their expenses.  The home director and his wife are strong Christians and it shows in the children they are raising.  They also have a house church in their home for villagers to attend.

The HIV Orphanage is one we do not sponsor, but we try to minister to them whenever we get a chance.  This home is sponsored by Seeds of Hope out of Canada.  Over the past few years the demographics of this home has changed from all HIV infected children to more orphans from the war torn area of the Kachin State.  They have approximately 32 children, 4 have HIV, the remainder are orphans from the Kachin State.  The children from the Kachin State have been severely traumatized by watching their parents and other family members killed.  We were told one of the HIV children died a few weeks ago due to the severity of her illness.  The children in this home were not as exuberant or joyous as those in the homes we sponsor.  The team did a great job ministering to these children despite a great sadness we all felt.

All team members are all in good health.  They all felt that this mission trip had a very positive impact on their lives, and wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Please pray:

  • For the children in the HIV orphanage healing and God’s hands upon each of them.
  • For the children in all of our orphanages and neighborhood school, continued strong Christian care and protection from persecution.
  • For safety and good health for all our team members.

Tomorrow is our last day before we head back home.  We are bringing all of our orphanages directors, house church pastors in the greater Yangon area, and close Burmese friends together for lunch and fellowship.

Since we all got back so late, I couldn’t get photos from the Vivian’s orphanage ministry.  Attached you will find a photo five photos, one with a welcome sign Kid’s Life created for us.  Another photo with the Kid’s Life children, and another photo with the team performing to them.   Two photos from the HIV orphanage, one with a child infected with HIV showing his bag craft he made, and one with the children from the HIV home.