Day 2- Mission Trip Update

It has been raining off and on throughout the day.  The team is still experiencing some jet lag from our long trip, but doing fine otherwise.

Since our team is rather large this year, we broke into two teams one going to Faith Orphanage and the other to Love Bosom Orphanage.  We have had these two orphanages for the past 10+ years, which along with the other three, fully sponsor.  Fully sponsor means providing housing, clothing, food, medical, education, etc.

Faith Orphanage is located close to the downtown area and has a small shop just outside their front door to help generate income.  They have 23 children most of whom are young teenagers.  Their kindness and gratitude overflowed as they embraced our team as part of their family.  Each team member felt blessed to be part of this team.

Love Bosom is our largest home with 35 children.  The children’s ages range from 7 to 17.  This home is our most musically inclined.  In fact, they have a small Christian band that does some audio CD recordings to generate some income.  As with team 1, team 2 felt the genuineness, love, and gratitude of these children.  It was a blessing to each team member to be part of this ministry.

Tomorrow we have our first evangelism event targeted towards youth.  There are concerns that because of the H1N1 and Dengue Fever outbreaks the attendance will be low.  God is in control.

Attached you will find four photos.  The first is the arrival of our team, the second is painting the nails of the children, the third is our team performing, and the fourth is the children performing.

Please pray:

  • That the orphanages we sponsor all continue to do well, and the home directors provide excellent Christian care.
  • The youth evangelism event tomorrow is well attended, and generates interest in many non-believers.
  • For safety and effectiveness of each team member.