Day 2 Mission Update

Summer 2018 Mission Trip to Myanmar Thursday, July 12 – Saturday, July 28.

Today we broke into two teams with team 1 worshiping with Elisha’s church while team 2 worshiped with Living Waters Church. Both teams enjoyed the fellowship with congregation members young and old, and watching the passion with which they worshiped. Elisha’s church was particularly intrigued by the various instruments one of our team members, Ruffie played while interacting with young congregation members.

After eating lunch at each church, 8 team members went shopping at the Bogoyoke market to buy a few items to take home, while the rest of the team met with our Love For Myanmar Burmese Staff listening to the progress each made in their area of ministry.

The team that went shopping was impressed by the wide variety of items that was available, all at a reasonably discounted price. They apparently had no problems finding items to purchase.

The other 4 team members met with our Love For Myanmar Burmese staff who included Rosy responsible for our 6 orphanages, Saw responsible for our evangelism program on the eastern side of the country, Ruby responsible for our Trauma Healing program, Christine responsible for the chaplaincy program at the leprosy hospital and leprosy village, and Gilbert who they all report to. It was apparent to our team that God had His hand on each staff member. To illustrate this point let me tell you about an experience that Christine shared with us. She has been in position for only 45 days and was getting extremely frustrated at the head doctor at the leprosy hospital since he didn’t want to give her the freedom to minister to patients in the various wards of the hospital which she felt she needed. He limited her hours and gave her a few days per week to perform her ministry. She prayed to God to intervene since she felt the patients of the hospital really needed her. Shortly thereafter Christine heard a woman leprosy patient who was severely impacted by the disease, screaming out in pain which doctors could do nothing about. All the other patients in the ward could hear her screaming and felt she would die soon since this had been going on for quite some time. Christine felt God telling her to go to this patient which she did and laid her hands on this patient and prayed 4 straight hours. The patient then fell asleep and when she awoke she was miraculously free of pain. The other patients in the ward were amazed, not to mention the doctors. From that day forward the head doctor gave her permission to minister to the patients whenever she wanted. In fact the doctor asked that she get involved with the hospital staff and the leprosy village. This type of experience was shared to us by other Love For Myanmar staff members.

Later in the day both teams met for dinner, had a short meeting, and went to their rooms for a good night’s sleep.

Please pray:
– For not only the two churches we worshiped with, but with all Christian churches in the country, that they be free from persecution and can worship freely whenever they want.

– That the Love For Myanmar Burmese staff will continue to make progress in the ministry they are responsible for, and that God will have His hand upon each of them.

– For continued health, safety, and effectiveness of our team.

Attached you will find four photos. The first is one of our team members Ruffie entertaining children at a church with his instrument, the next is teens from the church worshiping, the third is some of our team members with a few congregation members, and the last is a young congregation child.