Day 3 – Mission Trip Update

Today was our much anticipated Youth Evangelism Event.  We rented a large facility to hold the event, spent much time decorating it, and recruited well known Myanmar Christian singers to perform.  We hoped to attract 300 people to this event by charging our Christian orphanages, neighborhood school, and two local churches to bring youth from their local neighborhoods, and posting flyers strategically to generate attention.  The objective of this event was to provide much needed support to Christians, and to plant the seed of hope and Christianity in non-believers.  The concern we had, the H1N1 virus and Dengue fever outbreak scare would prevent people from attending.

We were pleasantly surprised.  Approximately 350 to 400 people attended this event.  It started at 9:30 am, and lasted until 3:30 pm, providing a variety of Christian venues.  Our team did a great job performing the Good Samaritan Skit, then facilitating 5 round table discussion groups.

Towards the end of the event we had approximately 50+ people come forward to either strengthen their Christian faith, or wanting more information on how to become a Christian.  We felt the Youth Evangelism Event was a great success.  It was now incumbent upon our orphanages, school, and churches to follow-up.
Our entire team is doing well, still experiencing a little jet lag, but everyone is feeling fine.

Tomorrow we will break into two groups, each group worshipping with a small house church.  Later in the afternoon the team will prayer walk the Swedagon Pagoda.

Attached you will find four photos.  The first, a snapshot of one component of our evangelism program; the second, one of our five breakout groups after the Good Samaritan Skit, the third, our entire evangelism team that helped put this program together; the fourth, our team dinner after the event.

Please pray:

  • The seeds we planted at our evangelism event will germinate and grow.
  • For continued health and effectiveness of our team.
  • The flooding conditions in the country will start to subside.
  • For health and protection of all our families in the US.