Day 3 Mission Update

Summer 2018 Mission Trip to Myanmar Thursday, July 12 – Saturday, July 28.

Today, our mission team was joined by a friend of mine from Indonesia, Arnold.  He will be with the team for the next 5 days.  He is a Christian pastor that ministers to Muslims in the Southeast Asia area.  He also has technology development skills to help provide income from which he and his family can live.

Twelve of our team members ministered to the first of six orphanages we sponsor, Faith.  It is located close to the downtown area and has a small shop just outside their front door to help generate income.  They have 23 children most of whom are young teenagers.  Children and adults enjoyed and got a thorough workout from the Refit program conducted by Mandy.  The kindness and gratitude of the children overflowed as they embraced our team as part of their family.  Each team member felt blessed to be part of this team.

Our organization, Love For Myanmar has felt for quite some time that there may be an opportunity to start a business in Myanmar to generate badly needed income to help grow the various ministries we operate.  As a result, Gary and I had a meeting in downtown Yangon with the American Chamber of Commerce.  We discussed the change in Myanmar laws that govern businesses that operate in the country.  This law takes effect August 1, 2018.  We also wanted their feedback on potential business category opportunities.  Based on the information we received, we can better develop our potential business strategies.

Please pray:

That the six orphanages we sponsor all continue to do well, and the orphanage directors at each provide excellent Christian care for their children.
That we receive His guidance and next steps for a potential business startup in Myanmar.
For continued safety and effectiveness of each team member to do His will.
Attached you will find four photos, first is the orphanage children performing for the team,  the second is the team working with the children on a craft project, the third is the children playing the parachute game, and last is a photo of two of the orphan children.