Day 4 Mission Team Update

Summer 2018 Mission Trip to Myanmar Thursday, July 12 – Saturday, July 28.

We had a last minute revision to our ministry itinerary today.  Instead of the whole team going to the Love Bosom orphanage we had to add Vivian’s orphanage to the schedule as well.  Vivian’s was scheduled for the next week until the children found out that they had final exams that day.  As a result, we had to break our team into two groups and adjust our program schedule to fit each team.  In Myanmar you have to be flexible, and this unfortunately illustrates that point.

The team that went to Love Bosom was greeted by happy, laughing children.  As soon as the team got out of the van they grabbed our hands and escorted us into the home.  This particular orphanage is gifted with music.  They love to sing and play a number of different instruments.  In fact, the orphanage director’s husband wrote a song in tribute to our organization Love For Myanmar which the children sang to us in Burmese.  Gilbert, our lead man in the country video recorded the song and will incorporate English subtitles and send it to us.  We all look forward to getting this video.  As with other orphanages, the passion that these children worshiped and sang Christian songs amazed our team.

The team that went to Vivian’s had similar experiences, happy, laughing children, and worshiping/singing with passion.  One of the team members asked each child what they wanted to do once they graduated from school.  One little girl around 8 years of age responded, a professional singer.  When asked if she would sing to the team, she immediately got up and started singing.  All team members said she had an amazing, sweet, and beautiful voice.

Tomorrow we leave for Mawlaymine.  Once there we plan on ministering to the Leprosy hospital/village/school before moving on to the Karen state.  It’s been raining pretty hard in Yangon so we are concerned about flooding conditions.  A few weeks ago Mawlaymine was shut down by heavy rain which caused flooding and mudslides.

Please Pray:

  • The children in the orphanages continue to grow spiritually, and the home directors continue to provide excellent care for them.
  • The team isn’t impacted by flooding conditions during their trip to Mawlaymine and the Karen state.
  • The team will have a positive impact on the Leprosy hospital/village/school and can make in-roads into our newly created evangelism program.

Attached you will find four photos.  The first is from a hair band craft, second is from a hat craft, the third is from face painting, and the last is teaching a story.