Day 4 – Mission Trip Update

Today the team split into two groups, one going to worship with The House of Zion Church and the other to worship with The Living Waters Church.

For me personally, I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to worshipping with small house churches when I come to Myanmar.  You see the passion and sincerity in their faces as they worship.  It is genuine and truly uplifting.

The House of Zion Church is one started by our friend and co-worker Gilbert and his wife Ruby about 5 years ago.  The church is in their 5th story apartment which we had to climb stairs to get to.  They have approximately 15 members that worship together each Sunday.  Our team almost outnumbered their entire congregation.  After worship service they served us lunch before we headed back to the hotel.  Each team member thoroughly enjoyed the worship service.  Many had tears in their eyes from the experience.

The Living Waters Church is one we try and worship with each time we come into the country.  This is a church plant started by Gilbert and his church a number of years ago.  The church pastor is a woman who felt strongly that God wanted her to place this church in a very poor Buddhist neighborhood.  It’s been a difficult journey for her over the years, but in our mind she has been very successful. Currently the church has approximately 40 members.  As with team one, everyone commented on how moving the worship service experience was to them.  They were also served lunch before going back to the hotel.

Later in the afternoon the team prayer walked the Swedagon Pagoda which is considered one of the seven wonders in the new world.  It is over 2,500 years old, making it one of the oldest Buddhist temples in the world.  The crown of the main pagoda is covered with 2,448 diamonds and 2,317 rubies.  The very tip has a 76 carat diamond.

Tomorrow we leave Yangon and head east to Mawlamyine.  It will take us approximately 6 hours to drive 120 miles.  The entire team is healthy and looking forward to the various ministries during the coming week.

Please pray:

  • For a safe and healthy journey to the Mon and Karen State.
  • That we can be successful and effective in our various upcoming ministries
  • That flooding conditions in the Hpa-an area subsides, and we can travel safely into this area.

Attached you will find four photos.  The first and second photos of the House of Zion Church; the third, a photo of the Living Waters Church; the fourth, the team at the Swedagon Pagoda.