Day 5 – Mission Trip Update

We left this morning around 8:00 am from Yangon to Mawlaymine.  It pretty much rained all the way.

One agenda item today was to visit the 14.5 acre property we purchased.  It is our hope and prayer that one day we will build a missionary residence, a training center, and possibly our own orphanage. However, because of the heavy rain we couldn’t get to it. We will try to visit our property on our way back to Yangon if we have enough time.

We arrived in Mawlaymine around 4:00 pm, checked into our room, then proceeded to a scheduled meeting with a few two staff members of the Leprosy Hospital.  They presented to our team a brief history of the hospital, and their current status.  They were established in 1890 by the American Baptist Mission.  They are Christian, one of two leprosy hospitals in the country, and the only one that does not charge a fee to their patients.  They treat annually 14,000 patients with only 4 medical doctors and 4 nurses.  As you can imagine they are significantly understaffed for the number of patients they treat.  The team is excited to minister to the Leprosy Hospital, Leprosy Village, and Leprosy School over the next two days.

We have one team member that isn’t feeling well, and will probably miss our ministry tomorrow. The rest of the team is doing well.

Because of the flooding rains over the past few weeks the entire city of Mawlaymine doesn’t have cable internet.  I will be sending this update through my cell phone hot spot.

Please pray:

  • For quick and full recovery for our team member that isn’t feeling well.
  • That the remaining team members stay healthy.
  • Our ministry to the Leprosy Hospital and Village tomorrow is effective in showing His love.
  • The rain subsides and the team can continue its full ministry in the days to come.

Attached you will find three photos.  The first is a travel shot from inside our van; the second shows visually the rainy conditions during one of our break; and the third is from the leprosy Hospital presentation.