Day 6 – Mission Trip Update

We spent the entire day at the Leprosy Hospital Compound.

First thing in the morning we did a bible study with the Leprosy Hospital Staff.  Since the staff are all Christians, they very much appreciated the bible study and the opportunity to fellowship with the team.

Following the bible study, the Leprosy hospital patients that were able to walk or be placed in a wheel chair joined us in a program of songs, bible stories, and games.  There were approximately 35 patients that participated in our program.  Towards the end of the program we had 12 patients that raised their hands wanting to know more about being a Christian.  We then moved to the hospital wards and visited patients that were bedridden and could not attend our program.  It was a very emotional time for our team.  These patients were outcasts from their villages because of leprosy and deformities they had.  Consequently, most had very little hope for the future.

In the afternoon we ministered to the leprosy hospital villages.  These people because their family member has/had leprosy were also outcasts from their village.  With no place to go, the leprosy hospital allowed them to start a small village next to the hospital providing them with land to build their small bamboo huts.  Like the patients in the hospital these people are also persecuted, and consequently don’t have much to look forward to in life either.  They very much appreciated our ministry to them.  It gave them an opportunity to laugh and forget for a moment problems in their life.

Following the leprosy hospital village ministry, youth from our team, and youth from the leprosy village came together and had a friendly game of soccer.  Many people from the village came out to see the game and had a great time.

The team member that didn’t feel well yesterday is doing fine today.

Please Pray:

  • For good health and effectiveness of our team.
  • For the leprosy patients and villagers, that they find happiness and relief in Him.

Attached you will find four photos.  One from our bible study with the hospital staff, one performing for the Leprosy patients, one a leprosy patient we ministered to, and one from our youth soccer match.