Day 7 – Mission Trip Update

We started out our day with another bible study with the Leprosy Hospital staff. The team sang a few songs, and Sherwood did the bible study. The Leprosy Hospital staff later told me how meaningful the bible study was to them along with our ministry.

After bible study we went to the Leprosy School. The school teaches/cares for children between the ages of 2 to 8, five days per week. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the disabled children from the village come, ranging in ages 8 to 14. There are approximately 23 children that attend the school five days per week and 20 disabled children three days per week. All the children come from the leprosy village. It was sad to learn that the parents of many of these children were very poor and could not afford to send them to school, so they either took them to work with them, or placed them along the roadside to beg for money. As a result, in 2012 the Leprosy Hospital decided to start a school to help the parents and children from the leprosy village. They ask all parents to pay what they can afford. The average they receive is 1,500 kyat per month, or a little more than $1. The teachers/caregivers really love the children. You can see it in the way they interact and care for them. It was a very moving experience for the team.

After lunch we checked out of the hotel and toured the Adoniram Judson church. Adoniram Judson was the first American missionary who started his ministry in Myanmar in the early 1800’s. He is credited with the birth of Christianity primarily starting with the Karen people group, one of 140 ethnic groups in the country. The church we visited was the third version completed in 1927, of the original church started in 1827.

From the Adoniram Judson Church we traveled to Hpa-an in the Karen State where we checked into our hotel, had a short team meeting, and finished with a dinner. Our team is ready and excited for our evangelism minister tomorrow.

All team members are rested and back to health.

Please pray:

  • For good weather tomorrow so we can make it into the remote villages of Hpa-an for our ministry.
  • That we can touch the hearts of unbelievers by our actions and our words.
  • For safety and good health of our team.

Attached you will find our photos. The first is Sherwood teaching bible study, next is some of the children at the Leprosy School, third is our team performing for the children at the Leprosy School, and the last is the Adoniriam Judson Church.