Day 9 – Mission Trip Update

The team has been working hard from the time we got here.  So today we gave them a break and did some sightseeing.

The beauty of the Karen State is absolutely spectacular.  The things you see here you cannot see anywhere else in the world.  The team was astounded by the beauty and the things we did.

We first visited the “Mountain Pagoda”, a small pagoda perched high on a slender boulder hill, nestled between small lakes.

In the afternoon we took a couple of longboats to an island where the Hpa-an caves are located.

Attached you will find five photos of our day.  These photos don’t do justice to beauty we saw.

Please pray:

  • For health, strength, and effectiveness of our team as we continue our ministry.
  • The seeds we planted in the past few days germinate and start to grow.
  • For protection and strength for our Christian friends in the Karen and Mon State.

Tomorrow we have our evangelism training program for our house church leaders and fellowship coordinators.