HomeView is a physical and online connection point providing resources and tools to help you deal with life issues and to help you build a Kingdom Focused Family.

Through the Faith Path, the HomeView Center provides parents, grandparents, and singles ongoing encouragement, and a practical clear path to intentionally point the children in their life toward Christ. Through the HomeView Pointers, resources are provided to address real life issues and struggles creating opportunities to both receive and share support, encouragement and community. Through the online Equipping Center you have access to an extensive video library of over 15,000 quality videos. You will discover video-based studies from over 250 top Christian publishers and ministries providing Biblical guidance in the areas of marriage, parenting, finances, spiritual growth and much more.

We currently have 24 Pointers for various life stages and special situations with excellent resource books also available for purchase or check-out. The Faith Path provides free kits that recommend ways to focus on particular practices or prepare for certain milestones at specific ages and stages. Kits include training, resources and ideas to help guide your child along the path. More extensive tools are also provided periodically to inspire and equip us to become more intentional in our faith walk, marriages and families.

The HomeView Center located in the foyer serves as the primary place for the display and distribution of resources and is supplemented by the online Equipping Center accessible through the links below.