Personnel Policies and Procedures


I have received a copy of Crestview Baptist Church Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual adopted and approved by the church body.

The manual contains policies, practices, and regulations, which I have read, understand, and with which I agree to comply during my employment with Crestview Baptist Church. I also acknowledge the receipt of the appropriate job description, for which I am hired. By signing below I give permission for a criminal background check to be completed on me due to licensing requirements as needed. I understand my continued employment is contingent upon this criminal check passing licensing standards.

I understand Crestview Baptist Church's Personnel Committee may at any time, add, change or rescind any policy or practice. Any such changes will have church body approval. I acknowledge responsibility for complying with future changes in such policies, practices, and regulations, whether or not I have signed an acknowledgment of such changes.

I understand that no supervisor, manager, or representative of Crestview Baptist Church, other than the Personnel Committee members of Crestview Baptist Church, has any authority to make any arrangement contrary to the terms of this manual.

I understand the manual is only intended to provide an outline form overview of Crestview Baptist Church policies, practices and regulations.

I understand that no contract is implied or indicated in this document. This document contains general conditions of employment as a guideline. Exceptional handling is sometimes necessary (and often desirable) for individual employees.

I understand that I am not guaranteed full-time work. Working conditions, wages, and termination decisions are totally at the Pastor's and/or Personnel Committee's discretion of Crestview Baptist Church.

I further understand that my employment and compensation are for no fixed term and is subject to termination at any time with or without cause.

I have read the Policies and Procedures herein and understand them.

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