Luci Charpentier

Administrative Assistant II

Office: 512-863-6576

Luci has been our Administrative Assistant since January of 2022 and her favorite thing about working at Crestview is serving the Lord, surrounded by an incredible team of like-minded faithful believers, who support, encourage, and empower each other by truly loving like Jesus. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Baylor University and has been married to Noel for 27 years.  They have a son named Chance, a daughter named Lindsay, and a furbaby named Sally.   Her favorite hobbies are reading, writing, hiking, and gardening. 

She has some words to live by she'd like to share:  Get out of your comfort zone. Surround yourself with people who love big. Believe. Have faith. Trust. Be a good friend. Be a good person. Don't just let the light in, be the light. Be gracious. Be kind. Open your heart. Open your door. Find your happy place. Give hugs freely. Greet others warmly. Walk with God. Pay it forward. Laugh a little. Love a lot. Don't skip naps or dessert or cereal. Pray and then pray some more. Hold hands.  Accept doggy kisses. Always be grateful, for the little things, for the big things, and for all things in between.

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