Baptism and Membership

We believe salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ is a redemptive process wholly of God, in which believers participate solely on the basis of His Grace through their faith in Jesus Christ.

All who trust in Jesus alone as their Lord and Savior receive the forgiveness of sins and the free gift of new life, which is eternal and abundant. As the Author and Perfector of our faith, Jesus will complete the good work so salvation begins in every believer. Such eternal security of the believer’s salvation in Jesus is kept solely by the power and promises of God.

I want to talk to someone about salvation…
Here is a short message by Pastor Dan Wooldridge on Salvation entitled “Good News Evangelism”, click here.  This is a summary of the gospel and how you can experience salvation through faith in Jesus.  If you’d like to speak with a pastor to explore further what it means to be saved then click   or call the church office at 512-863-6576 and we’ll help guide you through this process.


Baptism is the first step of obedience in the Christian life; a public proclamation of faith and new life in Jesus Christ. It is an outward public testimony of an inward transformation.  For a personal message on Why Baptism? by Pastor Dan Wooldridge, click here.

1. Who should be baptized?
All who have experienced God’s saving grace and responded through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; believing that He died for their sins, was buried and rose from the dead.

2. Why should Christians be baptized?
Out of obedience to Jesus’ commands as recorded in the New Testament and evidenced in the early church.

3. How should Christians be baptized?
Immersion is the method of baptism that identifies the believer with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection; therefore, Crestview practices baptism by immersion.

4. When should Christians be baptized?
After experiencing God’s saving grace and responding through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

I need to be baptized…
Would you like more information before taking this next step? OR are you ready to take your next step in baptism? We are excited to share in this celebration with you. Please click here or call 512-863-6576 and we’ll contact you to further discuss and answer any questions and/or schedule your baptism.


The membership here at Crestview is made up of people who have made a public confession of their faith in Christ as Savior and Lord; who desire to become His disciples; who support, engage in, and adhere to the faith and practices of this Church; and who have been baptized by immersion, either here at Crestview or by a Church of like faith and order.

How to become a member of Crestview

There are three ways to join the church.  

On almost a monthly basis, we host a Mission and Vision Class.  This class reviews our history, vision, mission, and beliefs as a church.  Pastor Dan will lead this class and provide you with an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about becoming a member or being baptized. 

Call the church office or email Pastor Dan or Pastor Josh and make an appointment to visit one-on-one to learn how to become a member or be baptized.   

At the end of each worship service, there is the opportunity for you to come forward to speak with a pastor. You can join the church at that time or make an appointment to visit further with one of our Pastors on staff.