Evangelism Resources

We are people sharing Jesus through lifting up Jesus, learning to follow Him, and leading people to know Him because people need the Lord.  

Why Baptism?

Baptism is the first step of obedience in the Christian life; a public proclamation of faith and new life in Jesus Christ. It is an outward public testimony of an inward transformation. For a personal message on Why Baptism? by Pastor Dan Wooldridge, watch this video.


Showing People Love and Sharing Him

One of our core ministries and foundational components in the life of our church is what we call SPLASH, which stands for Showing People Love and Sharing Him.   This class teaches and equips you with how to share your faith with confidence and provides you with the tools you need to have faith conversations at any time.   Watch this testimony shared by one of our members and how her life was impacted when she participated in a SPLASH community outreach event.

Watch this video by Pastor Dan as he shares the Good News. 

Should you miss a session of SPLASH or perhaps want to learn more about the Good News Evangelism training, you can find videos of the sessions here