Matagorda Mission

We will be training local leaders to lead Vacation Bible School as we assist, provide meals, and do community service as needs are evident to us.

This is a great mission trip for families, singles, or senior adults. Matagorda, Texas is only a 4-hour drive away, and there is not cost to participate.

The Bus Ministry picks up children who otherwise are unable to come to church or church activities ministers to them and shows them how to have a relationship with the Lord. We have seen children, youth, and adults beginning saving relationship with the Lord through this ministry. Physical needs within the community are met as an active way of showing the love and compassion of Jesus with the people of Matagorda, TX.

Contact Chase Wooldridge for more information.

Moldova Mission

Share God’s Love and the Gospel through His Word

Join us as we travel to Moldova to distribute Bibles and pray with people living without hope in spiritual darkness.

This trip is open to high school students through senior adults. We begin meeting early in the year to build a team for the trip. The cost is around $2,500 including travel, lodging, and food. You must have a valid passport and be in relatively good health (there' s a lot of walking).

Contact Chase Wooldridge for more information.

Myanmar Mission

Love for Myanmar is a Christian – based organization which provides a variety of evangelical, humanitarian, and training programs to strengthen families within and from the country of Myanmar.

There are opportunities to encourage Christians in a country where they are the minority (Myanmar is 90% Buddhist) to continue to be compassionate messengers of God's love. By witnessing first hand the poverty and oppression of another country such as Myanmar, you gain an appreciation for the conveniences and freedoms (our blessings) in the United States.

Contact Chase Wooldridge for more information.