Thursday (7/16)

Training Day….we also were able to go to the beach and prayer walk.

Wednesday (7/17)

Today we actually were able to get to work serving God!  We all have had opportunities to show God’s love.  Reid was able to share the gospel with a woman. Ryan was able to explain to a man why he felt called to come to Alaska…and what that calling looked like. Some of the girls are developing relationships with some of the kids.  We are prayer walking, meeting physical needs, and trying to start meaningful and intentional conversations about God and Christ.

Please pray for boldness and energy.  Satan still tries to attack in the small things (ex: having a hard time setting up the tent and serving food due to mishaps) but God is bigger and greater!  This is the year of Jubilee here so we are expecting great things from God.  HE IS MOVING!!

Saturday:July 18 (day 2 of serving)

It was a great day today!  Our students worked hard and served with happy hearts. They are doing very well and they are being challenged to pray with people along with having meaningful conversations as they serve. Doors are open and many are receptive.

Our students and adults went on prayer walks and were able to have intentional conversations along with serving food to the hungry.  It has been amazing to see God remind us how He is always control and how He provides and blesses at all times.

Please pray for us today as we have a worship service on the beach.  This is a time for us to be really bold for Christ.  Pray that our students see opportunities to share Christ and that find courage to do so.

Day 3-Sunday 7/20

Today we had a worship service for anyone who wanted to attend.  Stuart, Ryan, and Grace were able to lead the worship.  They did an awesome job!

We served as we did the previous days. Matthew, Dylan, Susan, Bethany, and Russell were able to pray with several people. We (south beach team) did have one profession of faith yesterday by a young girl and several lives have been touched.

Thank you for your prayers.  Our last day on the beach went without any hiccups and we were able to set up and serve immediately.

We are now headed to the airport with several sight seeing activities…a hike, ski lift, a nature conservatory, and shopping.  Our flight home begins at 1 AM (Alaska time) Tuesday morning and we’ll be home late afternoon on Tuesday (Texas time).  Please keep us in your prayers as we begin our trek home.

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