July 25-27, 2015

All of our team arrived safely in Lake City, and immediately began to prepare for Monday’s VBS Camp. It has truly been a lesson in flexibility. When we were talking to our contacts about the week ahead, they mentioned many “obstacles” that we’d be facing this week. Two additional camps would be going on the same days as ours; the church piano would be tuned one day so we wouldn’t be able to use the sanctuary in the afternoon; and the parsonage that we were using for several of our activities wouldn’t be available for us to use one afternoon. If this doesn’t remind us that God is in control, I’m not sure what would. Our team took it all in stride.

Today was our first day of camp and it was a great day! All in all, the kids had a great time while learning about the importance of who Jesus is and why we should put our trust in Him. It was a small group of kids but we expect more tomorrow. We can’t wait to see what God has planned!

July 28, 2015

It was another great day!  We didn’t add to our numbers but the children are having a wonderful time while learning about Daniel and his faithfulness to God.  So much so, we had one camper ask Mr. Barry if he’d be back next year.  When Mr. Barry said he didn’t know, the camper said, “I hope so.” Impacting a child’s life with the love of Christ is so important and I feel like we’re doing that here in Lake City.  As I mentioned yesterday, it’s a small group of kids and God used that little boy to remind me that it’s not about the numbers.  It’s about reaching each child individually.

As the children were leaving, we gave them two shirts, one for them and one for a friend who they would invite to come to VBS Camp tomorrow.  One of the campers asked if she could invite a friend who didn’t know about Jesus.  Obviously, we said yes, we’d love that.  When she was leaving with her mom, she told her mom she had to go find someone who didn’t know Jesus so she could bring them to VBS Camp tomorrow.  Needless to say, we are expecting more kids tomorrow.

Day 3

The kids were asked to bring a friend with them and today we added four new students to the camp.  The campers are working hard and enjoying themselves.  We are touching lives and the kids are responding.  The kids are memorizing our focus verse (Isaiah 30:21).

The crafts and games are reinforcing the love of Jesus and the music led by Trent has been a tremendous success.  We are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us as we begin the last two days of camp.

Day 4

Greetings from the Flatlanders.  That’s what they call us here is Lake City.  Day 4 was great.  All of the campers showed up and were excited about the day.  Randy Adair invited us to the men’s breakfast where we invited all to come to the closing programs tomorrow.  Several have promised to attend to enjoy the performance by the campers.

It was a great day of Bible Study, games, crafts and music.  The kids are excited to perform for their parents and the town tomorrow.

After camp ended for the day, we enjoyed time sightseeing the town of Lake City.  A glorious day with the high temperature of a balmy 78 degrees.  We are not looking forward to coming back to Texas temperature.

Tomorrow immediately after the program we will be heading back.  Please pray for safe travel.

Day 5

What a wonderful end to a great week!  As we ended the last day of camp, the kids were excited to be there and attendance was good.  The things they had been taught through the week — memory verses and themes — were evident and the energy was high.  There was a good turnout from parents and the community for the musical performance.  Trent got them all to sing along with the kids for some of the songs.  Everyone walked away with a sense of joy and God’s word through music.  The kids did not want to say goodbye to our team and it was hard to say goodbye to them… such sweet kids and a great blessing to share Jesus with them this week.

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